In Grey's Anatomy, Izzie couldn't stop baking muffins when Denny died. When she stopped baking, she was recovered and ready to face the real life.

I can't remeber when was my last time baking. 6 years ago maybe? I made very tasty and looking-good oat cookies. I can't remember why I started baking either. But I remember I enjoyed the time hanging in the kitchen with Mom and I loved the smell of baking.

Today, I just started baking again. I made waffles. I baked alone in the kitchen.(not as fun as baking in the Kitchen at home with Mom) I am not trying to hide from the real life. I'm doing so to try to learn about the reasons why some waffles are good and some are not.

Here comes my first waffle. Okay, I was wrong. I shouldn't have been lazy and bought the baking mix from Trader Joe's. The waffle tasted not bad, and it was quick and easy to make. But it won't be easy for me to adjust the ingredients and flavors.


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