The main purpose of this trip was looking for jobs. 
Though that didn't work out and bring me any jobs yet, I had a lot of fun in Orlando! 
Big thanks to Nelson, Eugene's big bro, aka 奧蘭多一哥! 

The all you can eat lobster restaurant, Boston Lobster Feast, was amazing! I had 4 and Eugene had 6! 
Nelson also took us to Cafe Tu Tu Tango   It was a fantastic place.  We was going to have dinner there, but their computer system was down and didn't allow them to accept any more customers.   It was good that we still had a drink there and enjoyed the joyful ambiance there!  
We ended up having dinner at Bahama Breeze.  It was a Caribbean food restaurant.  The pizza, chicken wings, seafood paella, drinks, and dessert there were all very good. Hooo~~~

I felt so lucky that I decided to go on this trip. 
Thanks, Nelson.

For easier downloading, I posted the photos in my Yahoo! Photos.


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