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7/21/2008 updated

I've been wanting to find a new go to sushi spot for myself since Otom changed ownership.  Alright, alright, I know I didn't work too hard on that.  It has been a while since I tried out Sushi Masu.  (What?  It has been 4 months!?  What have I been eating???)

Since my purpose is looking for a new go-to sushi bar, not the best sushi bar in town, price and location are big concerns.  I mean, for a regular Friday dinner, fighting the traffic all the way to Little Tokyo is definitely not a pleasant thing to do.  So that makes the search even harder.  Most of the sushi bars with good reviews in west LA is $$$$.  Nagao is one of the very few sushi bars with high rating (4.5 stars) and reasonable price range($$). 

Yelp's price range index:
$: Under $10
$$: $11-30
$$$: $31-60
$$$$: Above $61

Comparing to other nice sushi bars, Nagao puts more efforts on its roll menu.  I like the yummy and creative rolls there.  For me, a perfect sushi meal starts with fresh sushis and won't complete without mouth-watering and delicious rolls.

Albacore:  It's very fresh, and albacoer is always one of my faves.  So no need to say anything more...


Calamari Roll

Spider Roll


High Noon (w/ Yellowtail):
It looks exactly the same as Sunrise.  Yeah the only difference between these two is the fish inside. High Noon is made of Yellowtail which tastes a little bit tenderer than albacore.

Sunrise (w/ Albacore)

Baked Lobster Roll:  To be honest, I wasn't able to taste the lobster at all.  Maybe just I picked the wrong piece.  Yes I guess it's kinda obvious I had the bottom right piece....>_<

"Special" Spicy Roll (w/ Albacore):  When I heard the ordinary name "spicy roll", I didn't expect much. But it turned out to be the best roll I had today. Loved it!

Nagao's Sushis and rolls taste great in general. Chef Nagao is attentive and funny.  Plus, the price is pretty reasonable.  I know I'm going back very soon. ^__^


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