When I first saw the long line outside of this store, I thought they had some big discount. But when I looked closely, I found that was a "Kwik-E-Mart"!

It's a store converted from 7-Eleven. It's basically a 7-Eleven with the store name in the Simpsons that carries Don't -nuts, Buzz Cola, and some Simpsons souvenirs other than regular convenience store products.

There is always a line, but visiting this store is definitely a fun experience. It's like a mini Simpsons theme park. So, remember to bring your camera with you when you visit Kwik-E-Mart!

A great example of Reverse Product Placement. However, I think they could carry more Simpsons merchandise to boost their sales. ( I noticed a lot of people are just looking and taking pictures in the store without spending any money.)


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