Sep. 21 is a special day.
In Taiwan, it's a date of teriffying earthquake we'll never forget.

Here in LA, I had my first informational interview yesterday. It was terrifying as well.
Actually after the experience in Citibank, I've got used to cold calling people, meeting
strangers and something like that. I don't really scared about this part; the thing I'm
worried is my English. Even I'm here in the States, I can almost understand what professors
said, but communicating and expressing myself well is still a challenge for me. I still
don't feel comfortable about using this language. It's a very bad thing. I actually rarely
speak, either in class or after class. How can I overcome this problem?

He is a very kind gentleman. He was doing VC but now is a Early Stage Investor, so called
"Angel Investor." He is actually not hiring people, but he knows a lot about this industry
and has a lot of contacts in it. I guess it's exactly the same as the thing sales do. We
need to know some people first, cook relationships patiently and carefully, and then ask
them open an account or offer a job. If they are not our target, ok it's fine, ask them
referral. I know my English currently is very bad, but I can maintain relationship continually.
I wish I'll get better and let them notice that.


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