Los Angeles Best Breakfast 2006

9748 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232-2722
(310) 204-5136

I told myself I should try to play harder this year since I've decided to go back to Asia after b-school. However, the workload of school and GABS stuff is much heavier than I expected. Even today, the 1st day of the long weekend, the only thing I can do is catching up whatever should have been done. But I still think my life should be at least a little bit different than it was in 1st year. Okay! Good food doesn't take too much time. Thus, I decided to try out LA's best food one by one.

The place we went is very close to where we live. It's the top 2 in breakfast category. Is it really good? Not sure about if we ordered the best thing there, but the waffle and pancake were good. I think the most important thing is the food there is not as greasy as what other regular diners serve. So the conclusion is.... I like it!


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