Though Service Sector is getting larger in our economy, most of our expenses are still spent in real products.
When do we purchase services?
haircut, massage, facial, what else? oh education is kinda service, too.
I had haircut about twice a year. It's still kinda luxury for me.
Facial... i never did that regularly.
There is only one exception-- Since I moved to Taipei, I've gone for 刮痧 for three times already.
It's actually not that bad... NT 500/time,
but I always felt spoiled when I went for Gua Sa, even though I got sunstroke and had very bad headache.

It's kinda weird. A nice meal is easily going over NT500. People think it's acceptable.
But a facial, massage, or Gua Sa, which might be even more helpful for our health, are considered luxuries.

Anyway, I need Gua Sa very often as long as I'm in Taipei. I can't avoid that even that's spoiled.....


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