7 Nights, 5 Hotels, and 4 Buffets summarize my Vegas trip.

(the Palazzo swimming pool)

Spending an entire week in Vegas is never a fun thing to do.  Well I guess it could be fun if I was a high roller so I could get everything for free or I was just rich enough to not look at the price tags before I purchased.  Even though I didn't have to pay for my hotel stays, just the price of coffee, soda, and even water alone could scare me away.

It's nothing glamorous, really. You can probably imagine the situation of moving around 5 hotels in one week. No matter how exhausting it was, I'm glad that I got to check out this many hotels and buffets during one week.

5 Hotels:
Wynn/ Planet Hollywood/ Palazzo/ Harrah's/ Venetian

4 Buffets:
Wynn/ Harrah's/ Bellagio/ Mirage(Cravings)

I'll try to write more to share my experience of stayind/dining there.

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  • carloscat
  • 加州大火沒事吧?還是因為這樣所以跑去避難了?:p
  • 還好還好沒燒到我住的這區

    Michelle 於 2008/11/19 16:03 回覆