633 S San Gabriel Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 287-0688

It's exactly the same one as the one on Bade Road, 5 mins walk from my place in Taipei.
I didn't know what "Taiwanese food" is until we went to 燒烤 on the week before last week.
I realized that for non-Taiwanese, the scariest food is Stinky Tofu.
The Taiwanese food we had in Indian Beer House were 蔭蚵、炒空心菜、薑絲大腸、鐵板牛柳、炒麵跟炒飯、還有酸菜白肉鍋(I think this doesn't count.)

This is a nice place to have Taiwanese food, especially when you or your friends miss Taiwanese food a lot!
( The interior design of this restaurant is exactly the same as the one in Taipei, except for the dinosaur.)
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  • jaqueline711
  • Yes, you were totally right about the stinky tofu. My bf tried the hot and spicy stinky tofu(寧記麻辣臭豆腐) and his face totally turned to shxt....>_<
    And he kept telling his friends that he finally found something he could not eat~
  • 哈哈對阿! 好像真的沒看過甚麼外國人喜歡臭豆腐的
    臭豆腐之於台灣料理就跟納豆之於日本料理一樣(臭的程度啦, 人家納豆吃了有益健康, 所以臭一點沒關係大家願意忍受)

    Michelle 於 2009/04/23 01:21 回覆

  • jaqueline711
  • 我也愛納豆耶,所以我跟本就是愛臭臭的食物嘛..
  • 我我我...還沒辦法enjoy納豆耶...只有到可以咬著牙吞下去的程度 >_<

    Michelle 於 2009/04/23 01:26 回覆