The experience of my 1st visit to Cafe Angelino was wonderful, so I went back with my dear girl friends last night. 

Last night they had the special "Cioppino" (Italian seafood soup). Since it's not on the regular menu and I wasn't sure if they would have it next time (they didn't have it when we visited last time), plus I loooove seafood, I decided to get the Cioppino.

Cafe Angelino- Cioppino

The cioppino came with two pieces of toasted bread.  I remember a review I read on yelp said Angelino's free bread sucks, but the bread comes with the meal is good.  The review was right.  The toasty crusty bread was tasty, perfect with the soup. 

The cioppino itself was absolutely amazing.  Calamari, clams, fish(not sure what kind of fish it was), shrimps, and veggie were fresh and perfectly cooked.  The broth was sweet and full of all the seafood flavors.  It's soooo delicious!  

I'm still in love with Cafe Angelino and will definitely find any excuses possible to come back again soon.



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