After seeing all those massive layoffs in pretty much every industry and the soaring unemployment numbers, you know the economic downturn still continues.  Even the company of the software you use everyday and the company of the coffee you drink everyday cut people.  How can everyone else survive?

Until it actually hit you or your family, this whole recession thing seemed to bring only benefits - deeper discounts, lower rents, and all kind of special deals considering the tight budget of average Americans.  It's not like you didn't have sympathy for the people who lost their jobs.  You know you are lucky enough to still have a job, so you work twice as hard and think you well deserve the job and all the benefits the bad economy brings you.  

You only realize how bad things are when the bad news starts to hit you.  When that happens, you know things will get worse because even yourself started thinking about cutting budgets on everything you can. 

This is definitly an interesting time to be here, to be part of the history.  I wish things will get better soon and all my friends and families can survive the recession (if not a depression) and tell their sons/daughters or grandsons/grand daughters the story of this lifetime experience.


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