This was my 2nd visit to Snow Summit.  The 1st time was almost an year ago.  I still remember we spent the entire afternoon in the traffic and it was already dark when we were finally ready to go on the slopes.  Even worse than that, it took a friend of mine 6 HOURS (from OC to Big Bear) on a FRIDAY NIGHT and another friend also 6 HOURS on a Saturday!!!  After hearing all that, I was very determined to get up really really early to avoid the crowds and traffic.

So we left home around 6:15 in the morning (I know it doesn't sound "very very early"....haha...), got a Starbucks, and started our one-day Big Bear trip.  Luckily, we were actually still early and there weren't too many cars on the road yet.  We got there before 8am.  Yay!

(dong- dong- dong-dong!)
This was the debut of my 1st snowboard, binding, and boots!!! (Combo of Troop, Citizen, and Mint)

It was actually pretty icy this day. (Well the weather is too good in So Cal.)  But I still liked it.  We got there early, so we got to spend a whole day to try out all different runs (except the black ones).  I like that they have a lot of different runs for intermediate skiers /boarders.   I like that I can enjoy the lake view while sliding down the slopes. 

We wrapped it up and left the resort around 4pm.  The day session ends at 6pm.  4PM is still early for most of the people.   So we also had an easy drive home (about 1 hr 40 mins). 

It was a great snowboarding day.  I realized how easy and comfortable a snowboarding trip could be when not bothered by the hideous traffic.   By 6pm, I was back in LA and could still enjoy my Saturday night.

hmm... I miss the slopes already.  I hope there will be new snow soon, so I can go back and have a even better time!


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