La Paella
476 South San Vincente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 951-0745

Paella Marinera(西班牙海鮮飯)


One of my best college friends was in town, so I finally got the chance to check out the little Tapas place Emily highly recommended.   Although it's in the neighborhood where Beverly Center and all the hip shops on W. 3rd street are, it's kind of hidden in a more residential, quiet part of the street.

its intimate, neighborhood restaurant feel

Love the Sangria!
超讚 Sangria!  再來一杯!

Caracoles al Ajillo - Snails sautee with garlic and a touch of chili
吃tapas 蝸牛好像是必點的!她們的蝸牛讚!

Calamares a la Plancba - Grilled squid with garlic and parsley
這花枝看來普通但是超嫩超軟, 真想知道她們怎麼把這些花枝調理地這麼嫩的!

Cbampinones con Cborizo - Mushrooms with Spanish red sausage
mushroom 也是必點tapas

my portion of Paella Marinera
海鮮飯好好吃, 每顆飯粒都浸滿了海鮮味, 聽說墨魚飯也好吃, 下次要來試

我們還點了兩個甜點烤布蕾跟Fran 布丁, 兩個都讓本來就很飽得我們無法停止
Crema Catalana

Flan de Naranja

從Tapas 到海鮮飯到甜點
我一定要找機會再回去, 試其他的tapas, 試試墨魚飯, 還有再吃一次她們的烤布雷跟fran!



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