McNally's Fairview Lodge on the Kern River
- Home of the 40oz Porterhouse

Hc 1 Box 95
Kernville, CA 93238
(760) 376-2430

I admitted I didn't do any research before we went on the trip, but I still wanted to eat good and, of course, didn't want to spend money on bad food.  I asked the motel (the one we stayed) owner about the restaurants in the area.  He said there were a lot of good eats in Kernville.  But for himself, when he has friends in town, he always takes them to McNally's.  It's a great place for STEAKS!  So, yeah, McNally it is! 

I know!  The address is tricky.  Actually it looks like a PO Box, you won't find it in any maps.  I tried to search for its actual address but couldn't find it. 
How do I find the place then?  Don't even worry about that!  Just  as  the motel owner told us, "just go up the river and you won't miss it!"  When you get to Kernville, you won't have problem finding it.

There is a bridge right by the restaurant.  It's kinda nice to walk across the bridge and see the river underneath you.
Now it's time to order.  The Logger is the their famous 40 oz steak. It sounds big, but I kind of wanted to see how it looks like and wondered if any of us are actually able to finish it.  We tried to get G order that.  H even said he would paid for the steak as long as G could finish it. 

None of us ended up getting the 40 Oz steak.  Here is the 24 Oz New York Steak G got. 

I got one of the combos- The Fairview Special.  It came with a 6-8 Oz filet mignon and 3 butterflied shrimps.  Though I am not really a steak person and always order something other than steak at steak houses, I still thought i had to try and see how good the steaks here were. I actually liked it.  It was really juicy and tender. 

One more thing, if you're like me, coming here expecting big portion of food, don't order Shrimp dishes (or maybe all the seafood dishes).  N ordered the Shrimp Special and got 5 of the butterflied shrimps.  (You can see how BIG the shrimps are from my plate in the photo above.)

In general, our dining experience here was pretty good.  The service was good, and food was pretty decent.   I'll come back if I get chance to visit Kernville again.


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