Time Magazine selected the 25 websites that most people are dependent on...
10 out of the 25 are true to me.
See which sites we do live without...

1. Amazon.com : without explanations...
2. BBC.co.uk : I did use it to train my English listening skills when I was in Taiwan... but haven't used it since I got done my TOEFL... It's helpful, for sure.
3. Citysearch.com : but I use Yelp.com more and more often now... Its function of Information provider+ Social Networking attracts me more than Citysearch does.
4. Craigslist.org : I did use it a lot when i was looking to buy or sell old stuff
5. Del.icio.us
6. Digg.com
7. Ebay.com
8. ESPN.com
9. Facebook.com : I do maintain an Facebook page... but so as Friendster, MySpace, and LinkedIn
10. FactCheck.org
11. Flickr.com: but I use its rival site - Picasa more frequently now
12. Google.com: for sure
13. HowStuffWorks.com
14. The Internet Movie Database: it's a great great movie database. it has everything about movie industry...
15. YouTube: no doubt! I use it to watch Taiwanese TV shows... haha!!!
16. Kayak.com
17. National Geographic.com: I'm never a National Geographic Channel kind of person...
18. Netflix.com: I use its rival site, blockbuster, instead. I still like to have the real retail stores that we can look around, exchange and return DVDs.
19. Technorati.com
20. TMZ.com
21. USA.gov: I am not a citizen...
22. Television WithoutPity.com
23. WebMD.com: It's good to know this site....
24. Wikipedia.org : The best knowledge source for me...
25. Yahoo.com


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