TOEFL was finished.
at least TOEFL of this month was finished

Yes, I truly got progress in every section... but the score is still not good...
not good enough to bring relief to me...
So now, still need to wait for the writing score....2 weeks...
I'm really unsure of the result
because the pass will require a writing score higher than those I got before.

It seems very unsafe to just wait for the score.
Cuz if by any chance I don't get 250, I will need to take TOEFL again immediately.
So tired...

Could I finish all these stuff asap and then take my vacation as my wish?
I think I should manage to prepare the application stuff and keep practicing my listening at the same time.
OK! Let's think it that way...
If I don't keep practicing my listeing continuosly and improve it, how could I pass the interviews?
How could I make good impression on the admission officers?
And eventually how can I take MBA courses smoothly?
So English must be improved no matter what for!

Don't consider too much! Just do it!

before that,
can I......take two-day leave?
I surely need go back to my sweet home...
miss them so so so so much~~~


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