1305 Highland Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 545-5177

Uncle Bill's is my favorite brunch spot so far. 
Except for the 20 mins drive for me and the long wait, it's an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing weekend brunch.

(the line)

It's ranked highly, but it doesn't just attract people who read the review. Locals love it, too. It has been there forever. People just come back again and again. One of the reviews I read says: after I had the taste I could wait whatever it takes. I feel the same way.

I always take my out-of-town friends here, and that way I can show them the beautiful beach 2 blocks away. Put down my name, take a walk to the beach, and come back just in time for the table! 

Pros: - Wonderful service
         - Food: great waffle, delicious omelete, and of course their signature pancake

Cons:  Long wait.


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