San Diego Zoo => Hotel del Coronado => Gas Lamp District

Our San Diego trip started from the Zoo!  It's actually very fun and not that tiring....
We took tour bus and tram, so didn't walk too much under the sunshine.  
I saw Panda!!!!!   I didn't think Panda is very special when we just got there... I thought we have Panda in Taipei zoo and maybe I've seen it.  But when I saw Panda, I realized i hadn't seen panda before.  It's too cute to forget.  Oh my god!  the ticket is so worth it.   Although the price of the ticket is about 30 times of that of Taipei zoo, I think it's so worth to come visit San Diego zoo.

Hotel del Coronado is a very famous hotel in Coronado island.  
Beautiful buildings and great beach!   We walked in the sand and had ice cream and drink in the hotel, watching the sunset.   What a great spring break!   Life is so good!  

Gas Lamp District is a very nice area which reminds me European little towns.   There are a lot of decent restaurant around.  We went for Brazilian BBQ on 4th St.  Classical deco, Brazilian BBQ and live baseball game is a interesting combination, but the food is pretty good.  It's very pricey though...

It was really a great trip.  I should have done this earlier.  It just took one day and really made me feel relaxed and refreshed. 


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