I don't know how this trip is supposed to be.
Hangout with friends, some sightseeing, some nightlife, or maybe some job search?
I couldn't answer clearly what I'm here for, but I kind of know I want to learn more about this city. It's the city more and more of my friends moving to and global companies choose to locate in. I know it's the city I might want to work at in order to access the huge potential of China market.

So far, I've got different feelings about this city everyday.
Day 1
We got here very late but the traffic, the way people drive, and the bad condition of the taxi really gave me bad first impression.

Day 2 豫園, 七浦市場, 新天地, 外灘
- 南翔饅頭店 fully utlizes the spirit of price discrimination. The same 小籠包 made from the same kitchen have 4 different prices depending on where (actually which floor) you eat them. 充分表現出這個現代中國"有錢的人是大爺"的社會現象
- 七浦市場 is a very scary market. It is kinda dagerous for us and even worse for Caucassians. Maybe because of the way we dressed, we were very obviously their targets.

Day 3 Brunch with Kim, Dinner with George and Chaming at 陸家嘴寶萊納, massage
- Kim is a Taiwanese girl working in Shangahai. She's been here for 1.5 years but is still not able to like this city. She gave this city 3 years (until Bejing Olympic) but now doesn't know if herself can stand the city until then.
- I was almost robbed. Thank God a Caucasian guy was walking a few steps behind me and saw that person trying to grab my purse. He ran passing the robber and warned me. I think if the person walked behind me was a Chinese instead of a white guy, he wouldn't speak up and warn me.


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