1. Read a book every week.  This might sound easy like a joke for some people who read more than one book a day, but I rarely read "book".   I do read stuff online and also magazines.  But for books, I can't recall when was the last time I finished reading one.  haha...

2. Learn Web Design.

3. Learn Photoshop.

#2 & 3 are the things I've always wanted to do but never got motivated enough to really get started.  In this three months, I will make sure I'm following my schedule and get myself comfortable about doing these two things. 


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  • hwgirl79
  • I think our birthday is probably around the same time. I'm also in the last few months of my 20s....ahhh~
  • yeah... It's a sad and strange feeling. I feel like I should get something done before I hit 30 though I don't even know what the "thing" is. These resolutions are just things on my mind at this moment although I don't know how these will help me to achieve that "thing".
    But anyway, enjoy our last few months of 20s! Cheers!

    Michelle 於 2009/03/18 01:19 回覆

  • 傑克
  • 我還有11個月才需要想這件事情 XD
  • 年輕人囉嗦甚麼...(lol)


    Michelle 於 2009/03/18 09:45 回覆